Leva Cafe

Saturday, July 05, 2014 The YEG Foodie 0 Comments

Leva Cafe is hidden in a neighborhood quite close to the University area. It's one of my favourite places to go to for dessert, and my new favorite place for macarons! More than just a cafe, Leva also serve actual food items such as salads, paninis, and pizzas. The setting is very minimalistic with a huge dessert and gelato display. Leva is good for a quick lunch or if you're feeling like dessert or coffee.

My lunch set-up

I was one of the few at the table who ordered lunch instead of just dessert. I had the prosciutto cotto panini for $10, which was served with some mixed greens. On my very first visit, I had the chicken pesto panini. I can conclude from both visits that the paninis at Leva were something I could easily make at home if I wasn't feeling lazy. The panini was served with a generous amount of filling though, and filled me up before my dessert.

Each of us at the table ordered a gelato milkshake ($6). I got mine with chocolate gelato and it tasted exactly like it! My friend ordered an orange zest gelato milkshake, which is what I will be getting next time. It was very refreshing and had a vanilla taste with a touch of orange, similar to an orange creamsicle.

 I will be going to Leva Cafe whenever I crave macarons from now on! They're $3 each but they're larger than normal macarons and taste delicious. Not too soft and not too sweet. I had a chocolate hazelnut one and a tiramisu one.

Lastly for dessert, I had the tiramisu. As you can tell, I have quite a sweet tooth! This is one of the best tiramisus I've tasted. It was perfectly soaked in coffee and the whipping creme with chocolate on top was a nice mix with the tiramisu. Even though the cup was small, it was still a good portion and rich with flavour.

If you're around the University area, I would recommend stopping by Leva for a small treat.

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Address: 11053 86 Avenue