Lee House

Friday, June 27, 2014 The YEG Foodie 0 Comments

Korean food is one of the cuisines that I will never get sick of eating. My goal is to try out all the Korean restaurants in Edmonton and the latest one that I went to was Lee House. It's located off-Whyte and it's a very small restaurant with a nice homey feeling. The menu has the traditional dishes you would find at most Korean restaurants. 

Upon being seated, we were served hot tea in these cute glass cups. 

Lee House gave us three Korean side dishes: braised radish, spicy bean sprout salad, and kim-chi. 

I ordered what I usually get every time I go to a Korean place, which is bibimbap. I had the stone bowl version meaning that the dish would still be cooking when it arrived at my table, which made the rice a bit more crunchier and gave the meal more texture. When I got the dish, I was confused as to why I didn't see any beef. The beef was actually hidden under the egg and there was only a very small portion of it. I was disappointed at how much vegetables I had gotten compared to the meat. 

My friend ordered the sweet and spicy chicken balls with a side bowl of rice. The portion of it was very big, and could probably serve two people. The chicken balls were fried then covered in a sweet and spicy sauce that got pretty spicy as you ate more of it. This dish was definitely the winner of the two. 

Lee House is also opening a second location downtown that will be focusing more on Korean BBQ. I will definitely be checking that out when it opens but I don't think I will be making a return to its southside location.

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Address: 7904 104 Street