Prairie Noodle Shop's Ramen Pop Up #4

Back in June, I attended Prairie Noodle's Shop fourth, and last, ramen pop up. Fear not though! Us Yeggers will soon be able to enjoy their ramen any day we want, in a restaurant environment ;) And thankfully there won't be no need to anxiously buy tickets online for a fulfilling bowl of ramen. Their last pop up was held at Ernest's Dining Room in Nait. Compared to their other pop ups of 100 bowls, this last one had the most of 250 bowls for 250 hungry ramen lovers! Tickets were bought through Eventbrite and paid for at the door. $15 + GST a bowl! 

The tsukemen styled ramen cannot be found in Edmonton. It was actually my first time hearing about it! Served in a dipping style, the noodles and toppings were separate from the broth. The ramen was Alberta inspired of course, focusing on meat and potatoes. Potatoes AND ramen? That definitely got me excited. Two of my favorite things combined! Props to you Prairie Noodle Shop. Because... "there are no rules when it comes to eating ramen!", as stated by Arden Tse, one of the ramen masterminds.


For some reason, my family always goes to Tropika (south location) for dinner whenever we want to celebrate a special occasion. This time, we were going for my mom's birthday earlier this week. We've been going to this particular location for many years. Tropika is a higher priced Thai and Malaysian restaurant. The inside is clean, modern, and spacious. Their menu has many different dishes to choose from. Some people might find it overwhelming if it's their first visit. The food is very close to authentic but I've found it to be not satisfy as much with every visit.

Jack's Burger Shack

I always have my moments where I crave a burger. Thankfully the drive to Jack's Burger Shack in St Albert wasn't that far. I've been meaning to check it out for a while and finally found some time to last month. It's right beside Cerdo Tacos + Tequila in the heart of St Al's downtown, both restaurants sharing the same owner. Jack's Burger Shack is a small restaurant with a modern shack-like feel, taking after its name. Their menu focuses on burgers, fries, and shakes. There's a daily burger special that changes everyday as well. Burgers are freshly made with a BBQ like feel. Everything is reasonably priced and quite filling!

Sunbake Pita Bakery

I'm so glad I visited this hidden gem on the northside! I've passed by Sunbake Pita Bakery countless amounts of time when I used to take the bus since it would always pass by it on the way to WEM from Northgate but never really payed attention. It's a little Lebanese food shop selling fresh pitas, pies (think Lebanese pizzas), shawarmas, nuts, and fatayers! Everything is super cheap as well and fills you up! They open super early everyday (6 am) and everything in the place is freshly made. Their pitas are distributed throughout Edmonton to different eateries and grocery stores. The owner was very friendly and informative as well. Sunbake Pita is good for a quick bite or picking up takeout or pitas to make your own pizzas.

Fresh vegetables